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Optimize training and recovery. Sports Massage is designed to increase athletic performance and deal with the effects of repetitive muscle use, whether you’re running, performing manual labor or typing at a keyboard.


As part of athletic training, massage increases the lifetime of the athlete by increasing circulation and flexibility, reducing the chance of injury and promoting recovery and mobile scar tissue in the case of injury.

If you have specific concerns or areas that need special attention, make sure to let us know.  Your relaxation and wellness goals are our first concern.

Tip – Some people have soreness following therapeutic massage and others never do. Soreness may start quickly or within a day but is usually gone in just a few (2-3) days.

You may ice or heat these sore areas to help get rid of the tenderness. Drinking lots of water helps flush the metabolic (body) wastes that are released by the massage through normal elimination channels–your kidneys. This helps prevent soreness and is always a good idea to do following a massage (unless your doctor says otherwise).

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